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June 13 2022

Courses preferred by Generation Z

Introducing Gen Z, the new generation of students!

Before starting, let us know what Gen Z means. Generation Z also called zoomers, born between 1997 and 2012 are generally the children of Gen X.

It is an interesting crossover from the previous Millennial Generation. This is the generation that follows the Millennials, and they are just starting to arrive on college campuses. These Generation Z members are often lumped together with this older cohort.

Rather than looking forward to a universe of chances, Gen Z currently looks into a dubious future.

Let's get a glimpse of what's happening inside the minds of these digital native students. The Great Recession and its repercussions affected Gen Zers on the value and relevance of a degree. The purpose of going to college for them is to help launch a career. Gen Zers also see technology as an addition to how they present information, communicate, collaborate, build ideas and learn. This tech-savvy generation chooses quality education of their interest and wants to engage in work that has meaning and purpose rather than only valuing success.

In today's time, young professionals value diversity and focus on retaining their talent. Understanding the Gen Z students and what they want in a university can deliver an appealing set of graduates for the future generation.

In a survey, when a group of Gen Z were questioned what drives their career choice, they added "contributing to the greater good" as their top priority, followed by "work/life balance" and "compensation." 40% of respondents also said they'd rather be unemployed than stuck in a job they don't like.

Instead of searching for the best courses, this generation is smart enough to analyze "worst college majors for career," "least-paying college majors," and "least valuable courses" to inform their decisions. A major part of Gen Z also believes in developing custom majors. They don't want to confine themselves to one particular course and instead explore limitless possibilities for a personalized college experience that will get them exactly where they want to go.

Gen Z is highly pragmatic, and this current situation has badly affected them, and today they are uncertain about what exactly this future entails. However, they haven't lost sight of their values and are still eager to develop skills that positively impact their life and society as a whole. It is also believed that Gen Z is on track to become the most well-educated generation.

The QS world university rankings have found out that in the last five years, the zoomers have taken up different types of courses:

  • Computer Science & Information Systems
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Business & Management Studies
  • Medicine
  • Economics & Econometrics
  • Law
  • Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Art & Design
  • Accounting & Finance

A part of Gen Z is also open to non-traditional education and is interested in taking alternative routes. This shows that today's students have extraordinary resilience and determination in education and want to blaze their path. It also shows that they understand the need for skills-based training and lifelong learning, which are critical to success now and in the future.

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